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Ihab Abdelrahman denies doping allegations

Ihab Abdelrahman

Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Egyptian javelin thrower Ihab Abdelrahman has dismissed the doping accusations levelled at him, and has urged the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Egyptian Olympic Committee to stand by him.

Abdelrahman was temporarily suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with just 13 days remaining until the start of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Increased amounts of testosterone were found in his blood, that had been taken externally.

Abdelrahman will be suspended until the results of the other samples come out, to verify the initial test.

“I have been using the same food supplements since 2013. I undergo lab tests two times every month; this decision is very shocking,” Abdelrahman said to TV channel Sada El-Balad.

“I have undergoing labs tests up to June, and before and after every tournament I have participated in: South Africa in February, America in May and Sweden in June- and all test results were negative. I can’t understand why only the April sample had this result,” he continued.

“The test results take at most one month to be revealed, but I was informed of the results of the April test just today. I should have been informed earlier if there had been any banned substances in my sample.

“I haven’t taken any banned substances, I’m confident of what I’m saying. God knows I’ve been done wrong by this decision. My only wish is that the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Egyptian Olympic Committee stand by me.

“I feel like I’m living a nightmare and I’m just waiting to wake up,” he concluded.

On the other hand Osama Ghoneim, executive director of the Egyptian anti-doping agency, has denied any responsibility on the part of the Egyptian Olympic Committee regarding Abdelrahaman’s test.

“None of the Olympic Committee members have any ties to the problem; the players usually observe the sealing of the sample themselves and Ihab did not have any objections about the way the sample was taken,” Ghoneim said.

Ghoneim has suggested that Abdelrahman may have taken extra amounts of his supplements that may have lead to the results, despite the negative results of earlier samples.

“Ihab has admitted many times that he used to take nutritional supplements despite our warnings about taking them. He may have taken extra amounts of these supplements by mistake after his previous lab test, before the April sample was taken,” Ghoneim added.

“There are many members and coaches in the Egyptian Athletics Federation who used to supply the players with these supplements, and we have suspended one of them,” Ghoneim continued.

“If Sample B is positive, Ihab will be suspended for four years. The player will have the right to appeal the decision in order to decrease the ban length. Ihab’s medals in the previous events won’t be affected,” Ghoneim concluded.

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