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Mortada: Koffi has an offer from a club abroad

Macleish, Mortada Koffi

Photo: Zamalek official website

Zamalek chairman Mortada Mansour has hit back at rumors concerning the situation of the team’s center-back Mohamed Koffi, who has fled Egypt amidst tensions with the club.

The Burkina Faso international left Egypt after Mortada Mansour accused him of faking an injury and purposely missing training sessions.

Mansour wasn’t happy with the way the player and the media handled the situation and threatened to ban journalists from entering the club.

“Koffi is a disobedient liar. His wages were ready to be transfered to his account, but he refused, so we sent it to the Egyptian Football Association,” he stated.

“He missed training and the match against Ittihad of Alexandria, because he has an offer from a club abroad,” said Mansour, and continued, “The excuse being reported in the media? The club’s president [Mortada Mansour] mocked him. How could that be a valid reason for fleeing?”

“His salary has been paid to him and you blame me instead of blaming a rebellious liar who even traveled with a fake passport,” he angrily stated.

“The journalists should write only the facts and the truth. He fled the first time and came back and apologized, and now he’s fled because I asked him to prove his injury, which he also faked,” said Mansour.

“I will file a lawsuit against him with FIFA and I will do the same to any club that offers you a contract. Koffi is disobedient and irresponsible. I will file lawsuits against him for fleeing twice and for refusing to travel with the team twice,” declared Mansour.

“Those who are encouraging you [Koffi] will not be able to help you,” concluded Mansour.

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