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Koffi: I would have played for Zamalek until my retirement

Macleish, Mortada Koffi

Photo: Zamalek

Former Zamalek defender Mohamed Koffi has released a statement on his Facebook page, responding to Zamalek president Mortada Mansour’s latest allegations against him.

The Burkinabe defender fled Egypt last week after not receiving his financial dues for three months. However Zamalek SC stated that Koffi has received his full dues, accusing him of leaving the club for offers from clubs abroad, before Koffi decided to lodge a complaint with FIFA.

The 29 year old defender has decided to release a statement to Zamalek fans responding to Mortada Mansour’s accusations against him.

The Statement:

I have previously written an open letter to Zamalek fans, deciding not to mention any details in respect to the club and its fans, because I respect them massively.

However I was shocked with the response of the club’s board, including their president, who used to speak in the media daily about me, saying I escaped from the club and took all of my financial dues. They even attacked my person verbally in words that can’t be tolerated with any human who has dignity.

So, I’d like to speak to Zamalek fans, not to gain their support, as I’m confident about their love towards me and that they won’t be affected by the trials of me in the media. Zamalek fans are the reason I stayed at the club for that period, especially after my first season.

My words are directed to Zamalek’s president. You have claimed in the last hours that I have received a sum of money not from my right that I have to repay. I can’t understand the meaning of your words. Do you have a lot of money that you can’t know how to spend and you give them as a reward for the players?

Instead of saying these unjustified statements to improve your position in front of the fans, you should have spoken honestly and showed the truth that I left the club for the bad treatment I found in the club and after I hadn’t received my salary. It was me who was robbed, not you. I left the club without 50% of my salary.

I don’t have any offers from Gulf clubs to leave Zamalek for, and I have received too many offers in the last two seasons. An offer from Ittihad Jeddah, Al Ahly’s board communications were continuous until I signed for Zamalek, which could be proven by all the club members who attended the moment of my signing. I chose Zamalek based on my desire and my mother’s wish to play for the White Castle.

I’m not crazy to leave the club while receiving my complete financial dues. If I had received my dues, I would have played at the club until my retirement. But Zamalek board members think that footballers’ expenses are just food, drinks and cars’ fuel. I’d like to remind Ahmed Mortada that he gave me a loan during my national team camp to pay my children’s school fees. I had to spend on more than ten families between Cote D’Ivoire and Burkina Faso.

Everyone can remember the crisis of the taxes, which was surprising due to my previous agreement with the board to receive 300,000 USD clear from taxes. So, the club had to improve the contract to 375,000, and it was extended for one more year due to their mistake – not as appreciation from the club as the president claimed.

I haven’t received my dues on time, and the dates were never respected, although my contract claimed that I should receive 25% of my salary every three months and I sometimes got paid in Egyptian pounds. However I decided not to make any problems in respect to the financial crisis, although this was completely against the terms of my contract.

Ahmed Mortada has claimed that I received 75,000 USD, wondering if I want more. However, he repeated his father’s words two days later that I had received my complete dues and that I had also taken 56,000 USD not from my right. I wanted from him to show the public that the extra 75,000 USD that I received was the final proportion from my 2014/2015 fees.

After the last crisis, my French lawyer accepted to negotiate on a few points with the club board, and after her departure she waited for them to send my money. However, they did what they used to do and didn’t respect the time of paying my dues, which exceeded 50% of my salary, and they even ignored my trials to communicate with them. Ismail Youssef promised me to take my money everyday, but nothing happened. I was then told that my money will be put at the Football Association, but nothing happened again, before I was surprised by Mansour’s last words that I received my full dues.

I was shocked by Zamalek’s President’s statement accusing me of faking an injury, the idea that was planted into his mind by someone from the technical staff. He then decided to attack me without even trying to ask the club’s doctor or reading the medical report or the X-ray which proved that I have a partial tear in a knee ligament and needed a 45-day rest without touching the ball. I wonder if you weren’t told that I played Al Ahly, Ittihad El-Shorta, and Sundowns games while being injured.

I haven’t any talks with Ahmed Soliman before leaving Egypt to ask him about terminating my contract as has been claimed by the club’s president. I admit that we have missed a lot by the departure of this man from the club and I’d like to thank him for being trustful to me and never lying.

I have been linked with Al Ahly SC but I can confirm that I won’t play for Al Ahly in respect to Zamalek fans. I have also been surprised by an Egyptian newspaper which has published an interview with me after leaving the country. I can confirm that I haven’t spoken to the media since my departure. My Facebook page is the only way of communication with the fans.

I would like to wish good luck to my former teammates in their next games, and I am confident in their ability to win the Egypt Cup and the African title this season. They are international players who won’t be affected by a player’s departure.

Finally, it seems that Mortada Mansour thinks I will remain silent against his words and insults against me. I am a professional player and I have a passport of my country Burkina Faso that I’m going to use to take my right from the club’s president who insulted myself, my mother, and my country.

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