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Jol thanks ‘great’ Al Ahly fans, expressed his sorrow for team’s situation

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Al Ahly manager expressed his pride in coaching Al Ahly, as well as his sorrow after the team’s latest performances.

Martin Jol has made a statement on his official Facebook, mentioning his time at Al Ahly, thanking the ‘great’ fans and much more.

Jol expressed his pain and sorrow for the team’s current situation.

“First of all, I would like to apologize for losing Egypt’s Cup and our current situation in the CAF Champions league, as our chances are fading to qualify to the semi-finals. You have to know that I’m feeling pain as much as you [the fans], as I’m an Al Ahly fan since my first day with the team,” the statement said.

The 60-year-old manager expressed his fascination with the great Al Ahly fan base.

“As I said before, I am fascinated with the huge number of Al Ahly fans. This was my biggest motive to come to Egypt. I am always proud of managing a team with the amount of fans Al Ahly has,” the statement continued.

The Dutch manager made it clear that he wanted to achieve club glory as well as personal glory when he decided to come to Al Ahly.

“I accepted the Al Ahly job after I was convinced with their project to build a strong team capable of winning all the major trophies. My desire for personal glory could not be achieved except with the most successful team in Egypt, Africa and the world. On the other hand, the club’s management were straightforward with me regarding the difficulties faced in match schedules and stadiums,” the statement added.

Jol stated that he had to collect information before coming to Egypt in order to take less time to adapt.

“And because this was my first experience out of Europe, it was with a giant that’s only used to winning trophies. I followed the team before coming to Egypt and collected a lot of information about the players in order to take less time to adapt,” the statement continued.

He claimed that the team was on the right track until they faced tough circumstances.

“The truth is that I had a fantastic start with the team, winning the league and qualifying to the CAF Champions League group stages, after failing to qualify for two years straight. We were on the right track until we faced tough circumstances,”the statement read.

Jol pointed out that many things have negatively affected the team’s route to glory.

“Surely this isn’t the right timing to talk about technical things, but losing your full attacking force [Ramadan Sobhi and Evouna], playing a match every three days and not resting the players since 4 years, in addition to plenty of injuries and playing in different stadiums certainly had a negative impact on our team,” the statement continued.

The Dutchman emphasized that he’s not looking for any justification and he takes full responsibility for the team’s decline in performance.

“Once again I emphasize that I appreciate the fans’ anger. I’m not looking for justification for what happened and I take full responsibility. Those are the fans that welcomed and supported me once I came to the club during team training or matches. I’ve never seen such fans in any team I managed before,” the statement said.

Jol expressed that he has never seen fans who love their club like Al Ahly Fans.

“I had the honor to work with the most prestigious teams in Europe, in addition to my broad experiences in the field of football. However, I have never seen fans who love their club like Al Ahly fans,” the statement continued.

“I’m fully aware that Al Ahly fans only accept victory and I’ll keep looking for Al Ahly’s best interest even if it includes my departure. Thank you all. Al Ahly above all,” the statement concluded.

Mohammed Salama is a 20-year-old who fell in love with football since Egypt's AFCON final match against Ivory Coast! Strangely enough an Al Ahly and Al Masry fan locally. In addition, he's a hardcore Bayern Munich supporter.

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