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Source: Ittihad right to terminate Samuel Nlend’s contract

Samuel Nlend
A source close to Cameroon striker sheds light on the happenings which led to the termination of his contract four days after joining the club.

signed 21-year-old Union Douala striker Samuel Nlend only to terminate his contract four days later as lab tests proved that the player is infected with HIV.

Speaking to KingFut, a source who was involved in the transfer requested to be unnamed, revealed all details behind the striker’s failed transfer.

“The player is very unfortunate for what has happened but Ittihad have the right to terminate the contract,” he said.

“It is standard that in any contract binding player and club, the former must pass his medical tests, something which did not happen with Samuel regardless of whether he signed before the results came out or not.

“Therefore, Ittihad had the right to terminate the player’s contract.

Samuel Nlend

chairman Franck Happi revealed that the club is set to take Ittihad to FIFA for the public announcement and unilateral termination of the agreement between sides, something which was denied by the source close to Nlend.

“The chairman said the player is not HIV positive. Sure, but if he was to say that then he should have come out with results from medical tests done in Cameroon to prove else-wise, not just claims.

It is worth noting that Ittihad revealed they conducted two medicals for the player while a third one was done with his agent, with all the results coming out HIV positive.


“The tests were done in three different institutes. I made sure that for the third test he would see a specialist but again he turned out to be HIV positive.

“We are very sad this happened, we spent four or five months working on this deal. Ittihad fans are very upset about the happenings, the player is upset as well. He received an offer from Serbia a few days ago, Ittihad could have sold him instantly and made money,” the source revealed.

Samuel Nlend

Union chairman claimed that it was financial issues that stopped the deal from going through, not health-related issues.

“He would’ve cost Ittihad of Alexandria $40,000. That’s nothing, less than half a million Egyptian Pounds. Can you imagine a player with his abilities for that money? There were no financial complications between both clubs. Ittihad have the money or else how did they manage to get big names such as Khaled Kamar for Zamalek this window?”

The Egyptian Premier League outfit we blamed for unethical acts when they released photos of the lab results, something which was not in any way acceptable but they were pressured to do so.

“Do I agree with releasing the results to the public? Of course not but the club was pressured into doing so. No one would’ve believed them if they had just claimed that the player failed the medical so they had to give out proof, but I don’t agree with what they did,” the source continued.

“I really treated Nlend like my brother, I was there whenever he needed me which makes me sad because he isn’t someone that deserves all that to happen.

He went on by concluding that the player really looked forward to play for Ittihad of Alexandria.

“Samuel Nlend really wanted to play for Ittihad of Alexandria. When he signed, he requested t-shirts of the club with his name on the back to give them to people back home. Not many clubs do that in Egypt but Ittihad didn’t turn down his request. It’s just unfortunate because he was really looking forward to it,” he concluded.

Operations and Business Development Manager of KingFut. Degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology from the German University in Cairo. Manchester United fan.

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