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Union Douala to sue Ittihad over failed Samuel Nlend transfer

Samuel Nlend

Cameroonian side are set to file a complaint to FIFA against Egyptian side over failed transfer of .

Four days after announcing the signing of the Cameroonian striker on a three-year deal, Ittihad terminated the contract of Nlend after they said in an official statement that his medical tests revealed he tested positive for HIV.

The Cameroonian side held a press conference at the club’s headquarters on Friday, in which they announced they would file a complaint against Ittihad “for breach of contract and defamation”.

“Samuel Nlend is a lion, a real one. He wants to demonstrate on the pitch that leaders Ittihad were wrong. He is mentally strong,” Union Douala chairman Franck Happi said according to portal Press-Sport.

“We will take the leaders of Ittihad to FIFA because the contract was terminated unilaterally. They broke the contract without cause,” Happi claimed.

“In terms of signing the contract, the medical examination shall in no case cancel a contract. From the time the contract is signed, we must respect it. Nlend arrived to Alexandria accompanied by a club representative who was Siéwé coach. The presentation was made, the first medical visit was made… Except that when the discussions over payment terms began, it caused problems.

Samuel Nlend

“The Egyptian club wanted to split up the payment over five or six installments. I clearly told the president that if he does not pay the said transfer fee which was $40,000 in one shot, I’ll ask the player and the coach to come back,” the president revealed.

Happi also said that Ittihad haven’t until now notified them officially of terminating the player’s contract. He said that the reason behind Ittihad evoking the HIV issue don’t involve Douala, “even if they prove to be true or false, the problem lies elsewhere.”

“Ittihad never called me or said anything since. So, you think we’re going to sit back? No, we have all the evidence, contracts, memorandum of understanding, photos, etc. The reasons they evoked the HIV status of the player do not engage Union. Even if they prove to be true or false, the problem lies elsewhere, and we will prove in due time.

The Egyptian Premier League side revealed on a third set of medical results to confirm Samuel Nlend’s medical state as HIV positive. In a statement on their official website, the club’s board offered its apologies for the failure of the transfer of a “special” player like Samuel Nlend, saying the move was halted because of this “compelling” reason.

The 21-year-old forward arrived in Douala on Tuesday and was welcomed by a number of supporters who expressed their solidarity, before he rejoined his teammates in the training session.

Samuel Nlend

In addition to the president’s comments, some of his teammates offered words of support for the player as well.

We did not expect it to break into his confidence,”siad Joel Babanda.

“He soon joined and the meeting went well and even better than before. We are glad we he has such a great character and we will support him until the end.

Meanwhile Samuel Eto’o’s younger brother, David, was also pleased to see the striker back to Douala

“We are happy to see our teammate in great shape because it is important for our team. We will work together really hard until the end if the season.

Samuel Nlend

Operations and Business Development Manager of KingFut. Degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology from the German University in Cairo. Manchester United fan.

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