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EXCLUSIVE | John Utaka lashes out at Ismaily after formal complaint

John Utaka

Photo: Ismaily SC

John Utaka has lashed out at Ismaily SC after the club broke their contract with the player following his arrival less than two months ago.

Former Nigeria international forward John Utaka has expressed his irritation at Ismaily’s board after he formally filed a complaint against them to the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) and soon, FIFA.

Utaka made a sensational return to Ismaily back in July of this year, coming on a free transfer after his contract with Turkish club Sivasspor had expired. However, after just one month the club decided to rescind his contract after claiming that his poor technical and physical condition was the reason.

Despite all the comments in the media, Utaka gave the Daraweesh time to pay their dues to the player and with rumors of him going to FIFA, the player denied doing so one month ago.


But with time, the player got frustrated and officially filed a complaint to EFA and FIFA against Ismaily (Photo here).

“They did not respect the contract, for me as a professional player it is wrong,” Utaka told KingFut.

“They kept the copies of the contract and did not give me my own copy, they did not submit the contract to the federation,” the 34-year-old revealed.

“I went to the EFA today to find out that they didn’t submit the contract [for registration].”

John Utaka

It is common that some clubs in Egypt have been known to delay giving cheques to players upon signing of the contract to give room for a possible unilateral contract termination, something which Utaka confirmed happened with him.

“Did I receive a cheque from Ismaily? No, there was a payment date and they did not respect that too,” the forward confirmed.

“Everywhere it is the same so why here will it be any different?”

Despite the board’s comments that the player was not fit enough at pre-season, Utaka had previously confirmed to KingFut that had signed for the coming season so they can judge by then. But fitness issues was never the reason according to the former Portsmouth ace.

“One member of the board came to speak with me where I am staying in Ismailia when all this started,” John continued.

John Utaka

“He told me that the reason of all the lies they are telling about me is because that there’s no money in the club, that they have to find an excuse to convince the public and so they started saying I am not fit and all that,” he revealed.

“They broke all the promises, officially they didn’t come out to terminate the contract, they didn’t give me a copy, they didn’t register it in the federation.

“Apart from money these are the basic things. I have made my complaint and will wait to see what the EFA will decide.

“Anyway, such is life. I am not angry but disappointed that things like this still exist in football. Sometimes in football things happen but never like this one. No professionalism at all. But yes, lesson learned,” Utaka concluded.

Operations and Business Development Manager of KingFut. Degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology from the German University in Cairo. Manchester United fan.

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