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Gary Lineker: Ibrahim Hamadtou is ‘winning at life’

Hamadtou Gary Lineker

Photo: Lucas Uebel/Getty Images

Former England international Gary Lineker has praised Egypt table tennis player , claiming that he is ‘winning at life’ with his unparalleled attitude.

Gary Lineker, who played for illustrious clubs including Tottenham Hotspur and Barcelona throughout his playing career, made his comments in response to English TV personality Piers Morgan on Twitter, citing Egyptian amputee table tennis player Ibrahim Hamadtou as an example of people who should be celebrated despite not finishing in first place.

Morgan replied by saying that he is worthy of admiration, but doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘winner’, seeing as he didn’t actually triumph in the Paralympics event.

This prompted Lineker to claim that Hamadtou is ‘winning at life’ by overcoming his disability in a hugely admirable manner.

The 43-year-old Egyptian is a double amputee and holds the racket with his mouth, a style that was exclusive to him during the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been praised by the world media last month, despite losing in the first round.

Hamadtou’s opponent, David Wetherill described him as a ‘legend‘ despite beating him, and claimed that the former had shown more skills than he had, despite holding the racket with his mouth.

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