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Stoke City legend Mike Pejic praises Ramadan Sobhi


Photo: Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Stoke City legend has praised Egyptian international following his performance against Hull City in the EFL Cup.

The former Stoke City left-back has talked about the Potters’ last minute loss against Hull City in the EFL Cup. The match featured Ramadan Sobhi starting for the first time since joining the Premier League in July.

“On the few occasions when Stoke had opportunities to shoot they didn’t pull the trigger. They did it once with Marko Arnautovic for his goal then hardly shot again. You have to think more positive, if you don’t shoot you can’t score,” Pejic said.

“They are waiting for things to happen rather than making it happen. You want to give as many options as possible to the man on the ball – then it’s his quality on the ball that matters.”

The 66-year-old thought Stoke wasted the chance to win against Hull City, who he wasn’t impressed with. He said: “Throughout the game, the players are waiting to see what the man on the ball is going to do with it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game when both teams have passed it so much to the opposition team, even in a different shirt.

“I think Hull have got the worst squad of players in the division and they were negative.

“There wasn’t a lot there to beat– but in two instances, one on half-time, one on full-time, Stoke defenders went to sleep, sat off and left big holes and were made to pay dearly.”

Following the criticism of Stoke for not showing more positivity and more attacking vigour. Pejic then proceeded to talk about Man of the Match, Ramadan Sobhi.

“When you have a player like him who’s got ability you have to keep feeding him, if that’s not happening he has to work hard to get it in behind. Sometimes he was too flat on his marker when he should have been making a move,” Pejic said.

He then went on praising Sobhi saying: “He’s got a change of pace and trickery in wide areas. We need to see more of that as the team.”

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