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Mortada Mansour: ‘Magic and sorcery’ cost us

Mortada Mansour

After losing the Champions League final on aggregate to Mameloudi Sundowns, Zamalek’s chairman, Mortada Mansour blamed “magic and sorcery”.

The Whites managed to defeat Sundowns 1-0, but it was not enough as they lost 3-1 on aggregate, thus relinquishing their hopes of winning a sixth Champions League title.

Mansour blamed “magic and sorcery”, claiming that it kept Zamalek from scoring many goals during the second leg of the Champions League final.

“Is it natural to waste 18 chances in front of goal? Things were obviously not normal and there was magic and sorcery involved,” he exclaimed.

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Zamalek’s chairman emphasized the players’ outstanding performance, stating, “All of the players and their coach were men today and we missed God’s reconcile. I thanked them after the game for their manly performance.”

He added, “We returned our team’s spirit back and won a very respectful national coaching staff. As you have seen, all the fans were saluting and cheering for the team today after the game.”

The 64-year-old also accused the referee of receiving bribes to influence the result.

Moreover, Mansour insisted that Zamalek coach Momen Soliman will continue until the end of the season, and that there is no intention to get a foreign coach.

A pre-med student majoring in applied kinesiology at Rutgers University, Reporter at KingFut and a devoted Real Madrid fan.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Metalwolf Webhola

    October 24, 2016 at 11:09 AM

    Mortada is a sour loser. Sundowns could still have defeated Zamalek last night if they converted their counter attack chances. Stanley came very close to scoring twice. Third time he scored a wonderful goal. There is that goal Bangaly cleared for sundowns off the line. It was thrilling. It was not easy for us Sundowns but we managed to hang on. Yes Zamalek showed more MANLY fighting spirit this time but we were away and had 70 thousand fans against us. There is no magic here.

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