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Mouscron coach: Trezeguet most talented player in our team


Photo: Royal Excel Mouscron

Glen De Boeck has talked about his latest signing in summer transfer window Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet” and about his latest form in Pro League.

Trezeguet was loaned to Mouscron in last summer’s transfer window and is presenting great displays, becoming a vital player for the team.

Royal Excel Mouscron manager Glen De Boeck stated that Trezeguet became the engine of the team and Anderlecht could use him, explaining that the 22-year-old lacked some attributes needed to play for a big club like Anderlecht but he is ready now.

“He is the most talented player in our team, but he still needs to be more consistent. He is a very good transfer for Mouscron,” De Boeck said.

“He also realized that it he cannot only depend on his individual skill, but he has already reached the level for Anderlecht”.

Trezeguet played seven matches as a starter since he arrived in January with Mouscron, scoring two goals and recording three assists.


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