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Egyptian wrestler Reem Magdy jumped out of car to escape father’s abuse


New evidence reveal that Egyptian wrestler Reem Magdy’s cause of death has been due to her jumping out of car as a result of father/trainer’s abuse.

In light of new reports, Ismaili police forces have investigated the cause of the wrestler’s death and have revealed that Reem’s death has been due to her jumping out of car as a result of her father’s verbal abuse.

The World bronze medalist has been primarily thought to have passed away after getting hit by a car in her hometown of Ismailia, but new investigative reports have shed light on the true cause of the wrestler’s death.

Her father who also was responsible for training her, has berated the wrestler’s performance after a training session in front of her friends and continued his scolding while Reem’s mother and sister were all inside the car.

The 14-year-old child had enough of her father’s castigation and attempted to find recluse by jumping out of the moving vehicle to her eventual death as an escape from her father’s jibes.

Reem’s sad passing away showcases a deeper issue in which young athletes sustain colossal amounts of pressure from parents and trainers alike who prioritize athletic excellence instead of the psychological and general well-being of the children.

The KingFut family would like to extend its deepest and heartfelt condolences for Reem’s friends and family. The youngster’s death is a surely a sorrowful event for Egyptian athletes of all sports.

May her soul rest in peace.

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