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Ibrahim Nour El-Dein: I did not hesitate to rule this penalty

Ibrahim Nour El-Dein

Referee talked about his contentious penalty decision in Al Ahly and match in the Egyptian Premier League.

Al Ahly defeated Misr El-Maqassa 1-0 to secure their way to the top of the league as Abdallah El-Said scored the game’s only goal from a penalty.

“Maqassa player admitted that the ball touched his hand,” Nour El-Dein justified his decision to radio 9090, assuring that he himself saw the ball touching Mahmoud Wahid’s hand and not the line referee.

“Do not blame me for a mistake made by the match TV director or because of lack of cameras in the stadium,” he added. “I make decisions according to what happens in the pitch and I did not hesitate to rule this penalty.”

It is worth noting that after this match, Zamalek’s officials made a decision to forfeit the league as the club president, Mortada Mansour, described Nour El-Dein as “a corrupt referee,” and announced that his team will not continue playing in the league as long as he is one of its referees.

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