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Manuel Jose: Shikabala’s mentality wasted his talent

Manuel Jose

(Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

Former Al Ahly manager Manuel Jose spoke about his football academy in Egypt, its goals and mission, and how he wants to benefit the Egyptian youth.

The Portuguese manager’s football academy, which held its first training session last September, aims to discover talents and develop players physically and mentally.

When asked about the reason for his decision to start this academy Jose replied, “it saddens me to see players with great talent go to waste because they don’t have the right mentality.”

“One example is Shikabala. Any team he plays for splits in two: 10 players are a team and he alone, the other,” he continued.

Jose explained, “Shikabala can do things with the ball that even Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Neymar cannot do.”

Jose went on to recall when he signed Shikabala in 2006 with Al Ahly, but the player controversially returned to play for rivals Zamalek.

“When Shikabala returned from PAOK, I called Zamalek’s president and Shikabala signed for Al Ahly. He would’ve played with the great players like Mohamed Abou-Treika, Mohamed Barakat, and Emad Meteb,” he said, and continued, “After signing with us, he returned and joined Zamalek, and not playing with that generation is the biggest mistake of his career.”

Jose then focused back on his academy and said, “my goal is to work with the talents in order to humble them, so they do not commit the same mistake.”

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