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EFA announces law changes, adding four modifications to punishment law

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The Egyptian Football Assossiation (EFA) has decided to add four points to the punishment law in order to add more protection to the referees against the offense they received lately.

The EFA had recently fined and suspended four Egyptian Premier League managers for ridiculing referees and undermining the level of officiating in Egypt’s top-level football league.

EFA released a statement that include the four added points, including two modifications that attempt to limit the offense against the referees with increased punishment on the offensive side.

The top governing body of football in Egypt, led by Chairman Hany About-Rida, also announced that the statement was sent to the football clubs, as well as the refereeing committee as it will be applied starting from December 12th, 2016.

The statement mentioned that attacking the referees through the media by any of the football elements, is now punishable by a two-game suspension, instead of one game, as well as a 20,000 EGP fine instead of 10,000 EGP in the past.

The second point was the unsporting behavior towards the referees, that will be punishable by four-game suspension for the first offense, and two-game suspension in case of its repetition.

Punishment law

Photo: Egyptian Football Association

The third point decided to prohibit any communication between a suspended manager, who was sent to the stands, and his assistants.

The last point has insisted that the suspended players, managers, or staff members will not be allowed to enter the pitch until they pay any outstanding fines against them.



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