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Spalletti: I could not start with Salah against Juventus

Luciano Spalletti

Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

manager  explained that he was not able to start with Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah because of the physicality of Juventus.

Salah did not start in Roma’s match against Juventus in the 17th round of the Serie A even though Spalletti confirmed that the 24-year-old player is ready to participate in the game.

On why he started the match with Gerson instead of Salah, Spalletti said that: “Gerson is not like Salah in one-on-one situations. I was attempting to compensate for the physical strength of Juventus. When the result changed so did the game. I wanted to arrive at the 50th minute and only then think with difficulty,” he said.

“I wanted to start the match with Salah but as we all saw, Juventus had good physical strength and Salah just trained for 10 minutes with the team since he got back from the injury,” he added.

The Italian manager illustrated that if he had used a different strategy Roma would have suffered much more in the match. “I was forced with this lineup because of some physical problems. Things later changed after we conceded a goal.”

Even though he just returned from an injury, Spalletti praised Salah and said that he played a good match. “No one can miss his importance with the team, if he was ready he would have started the match,” he added. “He only trained with the team for a few minutes after his injury, it was hard to let him play more than 50 minutes especially that the match was physically tough,” he concluded.

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