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EFA calls for unity and defends Egyptian referees


The Egyptian Football Association (EFA), led by chairman Hany Abou-Rida, released an official statement calling on all league clubs to unite and cooperate with the association for the benefit of Egyptian football.

The statement was released in light of the recent opposition that the league is facing from several clubs concerning refereeing, following the controversial league match between Zamalek and Misr El-Maqassa. In the statement, the EFA spoke about the aspirations and hopes of Egyptian football, with qualification to the 2018 World Cup in Russia being the biggest one.

Therefore, they called on the sports industry as a whole to stand by Egyptian football as it recovers from the difficult years it has faced and the negative effects that continue to arise today as a result. In particular, the banning of fans from the stands, which is one of the most important elements of the game.

The EFA also drew attention to the constant attacks on the referees, stating that it will not benefit any of the members of the football family in Egypt. Instead, it will create new and worsen the existing problems that the association is working hard to eliminate. The statement emphasized that without the cooperation of all the clubs and its members, the goal to help the league get back to its height and competitiveness becomes harder.

They noted that referee mistakes are part of the game and they happen in football matches around the world. In this regard, the EFA is working to avoid these mistakes and minimize their effects on the match results, especially when they are made by referees known for their accuracy and efficiency.

At a time when referees are making great efforts to improve, the EFA categorically rejected the interpretations of these mistakes as “deliberate” and in favor of certain teams.

They appreciate the clubs’ need to maintain their rights in the competetion; however, they will not accept the occurance of any injustice to them and their framework of regulations that is known and made public to everyone.

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