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Mortada Mansour compares Barcelona & PSG incidents to Gerisha mistakes

Mansour on Barcelona referee

Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Zamalek president Mortada Mansour talked about the referee’s decision in Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain UEFA champions league unbelievable match on Wednesday in which Barca was granted two penalties that helped them win the match 6-1.

Neymar went down in the box after colliding with PSG’s defender, yet, German referee Deniz Aytekin was doubtful. Mansour referred positively to Aytekin’s decision to talk with his linesman to discuss a possible penalty for Barcelona after their players opposed his first decision and subsequently he reversed it.

Recently, Zamalek’s chairman announced that his club will not continue the league after their controversial match against Misr El-Maqassa which the Whites lost 1-0 after referee Gehad Greisha failed to award them a penalty after Maqassa defender shamelessly punched the ball away inside the penalty area.

“The referee went to his linesman and asked him about his view and then awarded Barcelona with a penalty kick. Because of this penalty, Barcelona managed to qualify with an incredible win,” he explained his view to Dream TV channel.”

“What happened today clearly supports our stance and backs my point about how referee’s rulings can lead to clubs losing tournaments,” he added. “If it wasn’t for this penalty that match would have ended 5-1 and Barcelona would have been eliminated, but thanks to the top-class referee Barcelona qualified.”

Mansour concluded by claiming that Greisha was intentionally unjust to Zamalek in the controversial match. “He did not award us a penalty that would have helped us tie the score.”

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