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Mortada Mansour: Ultras Ahlawy is a menace to Egypt

Mortada Mansour, ultras

Photo: Zamalek SC

Zamalek Chairman Mortada Mansour has sent out a message to several top officials in Egypt’s government urging them to act against Al Ahly and Ultras Ahlawy, who he says are harming Egypt’s image and reputation.

In an official statement released on Zamalek’s website, Mortada Mansour reprimanded the Ultras Ahlawy that traveled to South Africa, and interacted with the Zamalek squad, while on transit in Ethiopia. The statement revealed that the group of 30 men, who were all named, were chanting against Egypt, its president, and its military, before physically attacking some members of the Zamalek squad, including goalkeeper Mahmoud Gennesh.

Mortada Mansour called for the President of Egypt, the Minister of Interior, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Attorney General to discipline or penalize those members, as well as Al Ahly, who he said is not actively working against the proliferation of the ultras and such incidents.

“Al Ahly does not seek to ban the travels of such fans, as opposed to Zamalek, which does not allow its fans to travel for African competition matches,” said Mansour.

Mansour continued to urge officials to punish those individuals in order to prevent similar situations, which have occured in the past. “We ask that those members be punished, otherwise the lack of fear of punishment will allow similar behavior in the future. This is not only a matter of sports, but also that of international affairs,” he explained.

“We also ask President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to act against them to restore Egypt’s reputation. 25 of those members were arrested by Ethiopian security forces who were not lenient with them,” he continued.

“Zamalek is not asking for its right to be restored, as the club is capable of bringing justice to the situation, but we want to restore the reputation of this great country,” claimed Mansour.

He concluded, “The country needs to rid itself of such thugs who were responsible for the Port Said and Air Defense Stadium Massacres

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