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Al Ahly: Hefty fines awaiting players breaching media ban

Al Ahly Sayed Abdel-Hafiz on media ban

Photo: Al Ahly SC

Al Ahly football director Sayed Abdel-Hafiz introduced heavy fines that will be imposed on players who breach the newly announced media ban.

A media ban was forced on all Al Ahly players on Tuesday following comments made by Al Ahly players Emad Meteb and  expressing their dissatisfaction towards previous choices and comments made by the technical staff.

“Players who breach the ban will be fined 200,000 Egyptian pounds,” said Abdel-Hafiz. “As for those who will give comments on decisions made by the technical staff or the administration will be fined 500,000 pounds.”

Abdel-Hafiz assured that the new fines were imposed to maintain the team’s internal stability and to focus more on the team’s upcoming challenges.

In addition to being a hardcore football fan, Abdelrahman is a communications enthusiast who works in marketing, advertising, content creation and PR.

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