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Gymnastics team issue statement after Al Gazira hall fire

El Gezira Gymnastics

Al Gazira gymnastics team parents issued a statement regarding the team’s conditions after the club’s hall fire and stated their demands to resolve this obstacle.

Earlier this month, Al Gazira’s gymnastics hall was caught on fire destroying the whole hall leaving the gymnastics team without a place to train. Thankfully, no one was injured and the fire was controlled before extending to other parts of the club.

Right after this incident, the club issued a statement in which it assured that the administration will work right away to restore the training hall. In addition to that, Ministry of Sports agreed on the same day of the fire to allow Al Gazira gymnastics team to train in the Gezira Youth Center until the needed maintenance is finished.

On the other side, the team’s parents issued a statement illustrating the difficulties their children face to train well and to continue winning championships and medals. The parents complained that the team can only train three hours a day five times a week according to the center’s rules, which is much less than the number of hours the team used to train every week before the fire.

The statement also pointed out the parents’ worries as the club and the ministry might not be able to pay for the maintenance of the hall. Because of all that and other reasons, the statement said that some players decided to stop their training as it became harder and harder for them and their parents to train every week.

The parents concluded with a few demands which included building a new hall in the same place of the old one with the least needed equipment according to the international standards, opening an investigation that leads to holding whoever neglected the hall’s maintenance and issuing a timetable for the building of the new gymnastics hall equipped with the necessary equipment.

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