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Inacio: I am eager to win titles with Zamalek

Augusto Inacio

Photo: Zamalek SC

Zamalek new coach Augusto Inacio spoke about his excitement for starting his job leading the club, the best tactics for the team and his views about Tanta league game.

The White Knights failed to claim a third win in a row under the leadership of Augusto Inacio after a draw with Tanta in the 26th fixture of the Egyptian Premier League.

The Portuguese coach spoke to Sada El Balad TV channel about his eagerness for winning titles next season with the team. “I am very confident about my work and about myself. I wish to win a lot of championships with the team. I am more eager for this than our fans,” he said.

As for the technical side, Inacio explained his tactics saying that he aims first for ball possession. “Ball possession means movement plus passing and passing plus movement,” he added. “However, this is hard to apply in Egypt.”

“The two reasons why this is hard to execute is because of the pressure made by opponents and their continuous movement, in addition to poor stadium pitches,” the 62-year-old clarified. “The pitch in Egypt is not flat and dry.”

The former Sporting CP coach assured that the best tactic to use with Zamalek now is 4-3-2-1, but what is more important is using the potentials of the players.

“Each coach must have a primary plan. If the opponent was able to stop our plan we must change the plan and players There must always be an alternative plan for such cases,” he said. “I started with a 4-4-2 strategy but Ayman Hefny was absent so I made an inverse triangle in the midfield, two players with one player in front of them instead of one player with two players in front of him.”

The new coach said that he is satisfied with the tactics used and thinks that there are benefits coming out of using this tactic so far since no goals were conceded in three matches.

On another note, Inacio spoke about an incident that happened which made him ask the club’s football director Khaled Galal to impose a fine on him. “I was late for seven minutes for a team meeting before Tanta match in the league. When I arrived I told our football director to impose a fine on me, I want to be a role model for everyone in the team. Discipline is the way for success,” he added. “Even the administration does not know about this.”

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