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ERFU vice-president: We faced many difficulties at the start

ERFU vice-president: We faced many difficulties at the start
Egyptian Football Union vice president discussed the 
difficulties they faced before the official establishment of the union as well as choosing the national team coach.

Egypt’s Minister of Youth and Sports Khaled Abdel-Aziz officially approved the establishment of the Egyptian Rugby Football Union (ERFU) last April, after the Egyptian Olympic Committee approved the declaration of the new union since the sport is recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

“We faced many difficulties at the start, we had only three clubs playing rugby, but then in 2008 we had four and more than 200 rugby players in Egypt,”  vice president Hassan Khaled told KingFut.

“From 2011 to 2014, there was political instability in Egypt which delayed the establishment. Fortunately for us, rugby became an Olympic sport, which made Egypt must have a national rugby football team,” he added.

ERFU vice-president: We want to make Egypt a destination for Rugby

The ERFU vice president then spoke about the national team coach Mohamed Mehlel, revealing that their aim now is to have more coaches like him.

“We had a coach from England and two from Tunisia, who developed the game at the start, but then due to various problems we decided to depend on Egyptian coach Mohamed Mehlel, who is one of the first Egyptian rugby players,” Khaled added.

“Mehlel led Egypt in the Dubai International tournament, which we finished in second place. He is developing and learning and we are helping him as well. Our project now is to have two new coaches like him.

“The foreign manager will benefit us more, but if he didn’t deliver his experiences and knowledge to the national one, we will always have a gap.

“We are a self funded union, but we have sponsors. They don’t always provide us with money, but they give us value,” he concluded.

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