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Representative terminates contract with Souleymane Coulibaly

Al Ahly

Photo: Al Ahly SC

Full Contact agency, representatives of Al Ahly player Souleymane Coulibaly, has announced on Monday terminating their contract with the Ivorian player.

The decision comes one day after the Ivorian forward, who travelled to England last week without the club’s permission, issued a statement alleging that he departed the Red Castle following ill treatment from his teammates, claiming he was “treated like a slave”.

In a post on his Twitter account on Sunday, Coulibaly cited several reasons behind his departure, which were all later refuted by the club’s chairman Mahmoud Taher.

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The player’s statement came few hours after the Red Castle announced lodging a complaint to FIFA against him to preserve the club’s rights.

Coulibaly claimed in the post that his passport was “held hostage” and that he was “forced to bow and pray every time he scored.” The 22-year-old striker also said that his wife and kids were traumatized, adding that his family didn’t feel comfortable practicing Christianity in Egypt.

The player, who made 12 appearances for the Reds and scored six league goals, added that the team wasn’t welcoming, saying his teammates never passed the ball so he had “to fight and struggle to get a hold of the ball in order to score.”

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One day later, Full Time Agency, which had previously stressed that the player travelled for a family emergency, announced in a statement that Coulibaly is no longer their client, saying they won’t be able to discuss the dispute between the player and Al Ahly due to “ongoing duties of client confidentiality that prevail beyond the termination of their representation.”

“We can neither detail or comment upon what has happened or why it has happened,” the statement read.

The statement, however, said that whilst they would always act forcefully to protect the interests of their clients, “there are protocols that need to be followed.”

“Where they are not followed, and where sound advice given is ignored, the unnecessary damage caused to all parties can be irreparable,” the statement added.

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