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Augusto Inácio: Coulibaly should be ashamed of his actions

Augusto Inácio: Coulibaly should be ashamed of his actions

Photo: Zamalek SC

Zamalek manager Augusto Inácio has slammed allegations from Souleymane Coulibaly, saying the Ivorian should be ashamed of his actions.

The Ivorian striker fled Egypt and traveled to London without informing his club, which made the Red Devils lodge a complaint to FIFA against him to preserve the club’s rights.

Coulibaly later issued a controversial statement accusing the club of treating him like a slave, forcing him to pray every time he scored and that his family didn’t feel comfortable practicing Christianity in Egypt.

Inácio stated that he had to get used to all the customs and traditions of his work place, ever since the day he was confirmed to be the Whites manager and that earned him a mutual respect that flows between him, his staff and everyone in the club.

The Portuguese manager also commented on Coulibaly’s incident by saying: “These kinds of excuses (religious discrimination issues, etc…) are used by some people if they want to escape from their work place. If he really wanted to leave politely, he could’ve easily spoke to the club’s chairman and wouldn’t have given any kind of excuses.

“This player [Coulibaly] should be ashamed of his actions. If any player wanted to depart his club for whatever reasons, he should’ve at least have the guts to speak out to his manager or executive,” he added.

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