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Klopp answers: Will Salah be a guaranteed starter for Liverpool next season?

Liverpool head coach Jürgen Klopp commented on whether his starting squad for the new season will include after the player’s remarkable start.

Salah scored two goals in two pre-season friendlies, having scored in the semi-final of the  against  and in the final match as the Reds beat Leicester City 2-1 winning the tournament in Hong Kong on Saturday.

Klopp laughed when asked if Salah is a guaranteed starter. He then jokingly dodged the question saying: “All of the others are ‘definite starters’ apart from the players I cannot bring into the 11. I hope and really pray that I have more than 11 players when we start the season and then I will make the choice.”

The German coach sarcastically said that he made all of his decisions four weeks before the season starts assuring that he can’t confirm if Salah will be a guaranteed started. “At the moment, we have to make the boys fit. They have to show up, that’s how it is, but actually, they don’t have to convince me because I am already convinced. They are only here because I am convinced,” he added.

Klopp concluded by praising Salah and stating that he is obviously a ‘good player’ while mentioning that all that the players have to do now is to bring themselves into the best shape they can then the staff will help them with a few little pieces of advice or a few big pieces of advice in different moments and tell them where it should lead.

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