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Inacio: It was impossible to stay with Zamalek


Photo: Zamalek SC

Zamalek former coach Augusto Inacio spoke about his last days with the White Knights and discussed a number of problems he faced during his short spell.

The Whites have terminated the contract of Portuguese coach Augusto Inacio after days of tension involving a row with the club chairman. Inacio’s departure came on the heels of a clash with Zamalek chairman  following the White Castle’s draw with Morocco’s FUS, as the 62-year-old coach criticised the club’s management.

Inacio was interviewed by Portuguese TV channel SIC Noticias and explained what he went through during his last few days with the team and what caused tension between him and the club.

“I was supposed to meet Mortada after the last row between us but he postponed our meeting to Wednesday because it was late,” he told the TV channel. “I was ok with that but I remembered that I have a training session at the same time in Alexandria with the team so I asked for a paper giving me permission to not attend the session so they don’t accuse me of any irresponsibility later on.”

The coach said that the president was late and he eventually had to go to the session. “I realized that they are doing this to make me miss the training session,” he explained. Afterward, Inacio called the Portuguese embassy in Egypt to make sure that all his rights are protected

He also said that he was expecting to stay more with Zamalek but at the same time and after all what happened it was impossible for him to continue his job.

“It wasn’t just one or two problems, there were like five or six problems,” he added. “For example, in two years and a half, the club changed 18 coaches. They’ve changed three coaches and three medical staff members in the last four months.”

Inacio concluded by assuring that his experience with Zamalek does not mean that he doesn’t want to work in Egypt in the future. “Not everyone in Egypt is like Mortada, Egypt has different mentalities like Al Ahly for example, that’s why they are the champions every year,” he said.

Inacio will receive a month and a half severance from his pay after both sides came to an agreement to lower the three-month termination clause.

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