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Klopp warns team of complacency, urges preparation for difficult season

Photo: Christof Stache / AFP

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has urged his team to improve before the start of the season despite the impressive victory over the German giants Bayern Munich.

Mohamed Salah scored his fourth goal in his five preseason games, as Liverpool beat Bayern Munich 3-0 in Allianz Arena to reach the final of Audi Cup against Atletico Madrid.

However, the German manager didn’t seem overly pleased from his team’s performance in certain periods of the game, believing that they still need to improve before the start of the season.

“Sadio is not where he can be so he needs playing time. We won 3-0 but I don’t like running around saying: ‘How good was this?’ because it wasn’t,” Klopp said after the end of the game.

“In a few parts of course it was good, in a few other parts everyone saw that Bayern had the ball too often and it was too easy to play through our lines. I cannot ignore this,” the 50 year old said.

Despite their good individual performances in the game against Bayern, scoring two of Liverpool’s three goals, Klopp believed that both Salah and Mane need to be more fit and “harder” for the Premier League season.

Of course Mané and Salah are both good but they don’t need to know it all the time when they play together, with Coutinho behind as well to play all the passes for them to run in behind. Football is not that easy so I don’t want to talk about this,” said the former Borussia Dortmund manager.

“Yes it looks good but they need to get fit and stay fit and hard and resistant because the season will be difficult. That is what we are preparing. I have to speak about things that are not good because I see it.” Klopp concluded.

Liverpool will face Atletico Madrid in the final of Audi Cup on Wednesday.




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