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Klopp highlights ‘speed, finishing ability’ Salah brings to Liverpool


Photo: Christof Stache / AFP

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said that Mohamed Salah’s pace will boost the Reds’ impact as he praised the winger’s technique and finishing ability.

The Egypt international had an impressive start with Liverpool, scoring four goals in six pre-season friendlies with the Anfield side after joining them during the summer transfer window from Seria A side AS Roma.

He’s expected to make his competitive debut for Liverpool on Saturday when they travel to Vicarage Road to face Watford in their Premier League opener.

Klopp discussed Salah’s early impact with the team and revealed he’s looking to utilise his natural abilities.

Thompson: Salah will be a huge asset to Liverpool

“First of all, what everybody can see – all his skills. Speed and technical ability, finishing ability, a lot of things. He really showed up from the first day,” Klopp said.

“A few of these skills are really natural, that makes it easier for him to involve them in the game.”

The 50-year-old coach revealed that he spoke to Salah a few times about how Liverpool defend and how he needs to be involved in different situations.

“[He will learn], but offensively it’s natural – that’s really cool and we want to keep that, that’s how it is.”

Klopp also focused on Salah’s pace and explained how this attribute would have a positive impact on the overall performance of the team, saying that speed makes it more difficult for other teams to defend against them.

Sadio Mane: Salah’s quicker than everyone on the pitch

“Because speed is the most difficult-to-defend thing in football because it creates spaces for all the rest. Just the threat of speed opens spaces in different areas and we need to use them, for sure,” he explained.

“It’s not about giving him the ball [and saying] run and do something, it’s about what happens when he’s running, what happens to the formation of the opponent: ‘Can we play the ball there? Or should we use the space he creates with this run?’

“That makes football, for us, more interesting because there’s different gaps and actually when Sadio’s on the pitch [too] then we have it on two wings, if you want, and that’s another good thing,” he added.

The German coach has previously revealed that he’s looking forward to using Salah and Sadio Mane together next season, adding that he needs to use their speed in a smart way.

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