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Best and Worst World Cup Draw scenarios for Egypt

With the 2018 Draw in sight, we take a look at the best and worst possible draw scenarios for . Who would you like to face? See if you agree with me.

The 2018 is set to take place at the State Kremlin Palace, in Moscow, on Friday, 1st December, 2017. Depending on where you live, the draw starts at 6pm MSK, 3pm GMT and 5pm CLT. Remember to follow the proceedings on our Twitter page.

Pundit and a former World Cup top scorer, Gary Lineker will host the event alongside Russian Journalist, Maria Komandnaya.

The draw will be assisted by representatives of the seven World Cup winning nations as well as, 2010 golden ball winner, Diego Forlan and, former Russian footballer, Nikita Simoyan.

Teams involved are 32 and they will be drawn from four different pots. Unlike previous World Cups, FIFA decided to base the 2018 pots on World Rankings rather than Geography.

All the same, teams from the same confederation cannot be drawn to the same group apart from UEFA. UEFA has an allowance of two teams per group. Egypt is in pot three.

How will the draw work? Teams will be drawn from each pot and into a group until the final team in pot four lands a group. Russia, the hosts, are already drawn as the first team in group A.

Egypt will draw teams from Pots one, two and four. The variety of opponents is interesting and fans, players and even Héctor Cúper will be crossing fingers to get the best possible draw.

Pot One

The first pot consists of tough teams all round. All of the teams would start a match against Egypt as favorite to win, so how would you separate the best and worst draws?


Germany has shown it’s successfully phasing out veterans by winning the Confederations Cup with a cast of young players. Not to mention, they also did well at the 2017 U-21 Euros. Germany is a proper tournament team and they are battle-hardened enough, from years of progressing to the latter stages of competitions, not to be fazed by Cúper’s conservative ways.

BEST DRAW: Portugal

How is the World champion a bad draw and the European champion a good one, seeing as they are pretty much the same thing. Portugal have tendency to play up and down to the level of their opponents. They may have the upcoming Silva duo and Cristiano Ronaldo but have not wowed many in a long time. For what it counts, Portugal have struggled against African opponents in their few World Cup appearances.

Pot Two

Pot two consists of teams that could win the World Cup and a few that may go home after only three matches. This is the key moment of the draw for Egypt.


Unlucky Spain easily topped Italy in their qualifier group but find themselves hoping to avoid pot one big guns like everyone else. The Iberian nation has undergone re invigoration under Lopetegui and will no doubt improve on their dismal performance last time out. Spain is expected to be less conservative and more direct at this coming tournament than Del Bosque’s side.


Peru could be Cúper’s dream. The CONMEBOL team conceded 10 set-piece goals en route to the World Cup. This will come in handy for an Egyptian team that has little problem winning by tight margins. Despite having talent like Cuevas and Gerrero, Peru matches will, very much, be level-playing field and that gives a good chance for Egypt to record a group win at the FIFA World Cup.

Pot Four

It’s so difficult to pick a ‘worst draw’ from this pot. If worse comes to worst, Egypt should pick their only group win against an opponent of this pot. They can only be drawn against six of the eight as they have beaten Morocco and Nigeria recently.

WORST DRAW: South Korea

It’s not because they have done anything special. But of all the teams in pot four, that Egypt can face, it is South Korea that has the greatest potential to hit great heights. The side switched coaches near the end of their qualification and hope time is their ally in building a World Cup-ready team. South Korea has decent foreign based players, like Son Heung-min and Ki Sung-yeung, and players doing well in the Asian scene like Lee Jae-sung.


Panama was the oldest squad to qualify for the World Cup. On top of that, they won only three matches, out of 10, in the decisive phase of CONCACAF qualification. On top of that, they are World Cup first timers so will be one of those teams applauding a good exit. Being an unknown quality can work but Egypt have the right tools to beat them, and hopefully kits too.


Tell us your ideal and not so ideal groups!

I have dedicated part of my time in this bad world to following African football. From CECAFA to WAFU, COSAFA to UNAF & even the forgotten UNIFFAC.

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1 Comment

  1. Elpharao

    November 29, 2017 at 8:08 PM

    Hopefully we will get the 3 P’s (Portugal, Peru and Panama) 🙂

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