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Ahmed El-Sheikh praises Al Ahly teammate Walid Azarou

Ahmed El-Sheikh

Photo: official website

Amid his move to Saudi side Ittifaq on Wednesday, , praised Al Ahly teammate, and spoke about Coulibaly’s potential and Evouna’s abilities.

El-Sheikh has joined Ittifaq on six-month loan deal, after renewing his contract with Al Ahly, and will be joining the Saudi club until the end of the season.

El-Sheikh spoke on a T.V program about Azarou’s fighting spirit, praising him on his abilities and hard work to improve saying, “Azarou is a world class player, he is one of the best strikers that joined Al Ahly in the recent years,”

“He [Azarou] is fast, skillful and a fighter. He serves around his teammate even if he is unlucky and didn’t score. He trains on his finishing as he is aware of what he’s missing ”

The 25-year old spoke about Ahly’s previous African strikers, runaway Souleymane Coulibaly and Malick Evouna who showed high potential and could have been destined for greatness at the red castle saying, “As for Coulibaly, from the players’ stories about him, he had abilities that Evouna didn’t have and he could have surpassed Flavio Amado sensational spell with the club,”

“Evouna has special abilities as he doesn’t joke around when it comes to finishing chances on target.”

Coulibaly had fled from Al Ahly in June after travelling to London without permission, he later justified his trip by claiming he was visiting family but Al Ahly lodged a complaint to FIFA against the player as well as refusing the player’s return, leaving him unemployed till the end of his contract.

Youssef Wael is a massive Al Ahly and Manchester United supporter from Cairo, Egypt. One of the few Egyptians who never really wanted to have a career in football, just played it as a hobby. Wael also played squash for 7 years.

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