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Official: Salah Mohsen joins Al Ahly from ENPPI

salah mohsen
star has joined Cairo giants on a five-year deal, the Red Castle announced on Tuesday.

After months of speculation over the player’s future, Mohsen completed his move to the Red Devils. Although the clubs haven’t announced the financial details of the deal, KingFut understands it is worth more than EGP 35m, which makes it the most expensive transfer deal between Egyptian Premier League clubs.

Zamalek, who recently beat Al Ahly to Al Assiuoty Sport’s Mohamed Antar, had also entered into negotiations with the Petroleum side for Mohsen.

However, the 19-year-old, who came through ENPPI’s youth ranks, has repeatedly expressed his desire to join the Red Castle.

Mohsen’s move comes despite ENPPI director of football Abdel-Nasser Mohamed confirming in December that the Petroleum club star will not join any Egyptian club.

The Sharkia-born striker has been in soaring form this season, scoring seven goals and assisting twice in 18 league appearances as the petroleum club currently sit sixth on the Egyptian Premier League table.

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  1. Mark A

    January 30, 2018 at 4:19 PM

    Either he was lying about the European offers, or he is one of the stupidest footballers in history.

    He just destroyed his career completely.

    If he didn’t want to go abroad to play regularly then he is still won’t play regularly; but in a much worse league, where he will be a substitute for a team that has an extremely bad track record of exporting players to Europe. Idiot!

    • Ayman

      January 31, 2018 at 7:35 PM

      Why do you say that !! Al Ahly club is as important as a team in Europe and if the level of the previous weak, we play in more than 5 championships each year

      • Mark A

        February 8, 2018 at 7:08 PM

        1. It is several levels lower than any team in Europe. They are just too delusional to realise it. They are not even the best team in Africa as evidenced by the champions league results!!

        2. You don’t exactly see African players playing for big clubs in Europe queuing to join Ahly. If anything; recently they got rejected by some Zambian player for a South African team proving yet again that they are in a lower level.

        3. He would have had a chance to play in a higher ranked league rather than test his skills against Assyut petroleum.

        4. As previousy mentioned Austria vienna and Gent have exported a lot more players to top leagues recently than Ahly.

        African club football simply does not match european teams in terms of finances, skills or talent development. I mean……they have a tournament specifically for players playing their club football in Africa!!!! If that does not illustrate the different in class then I don’t know what will!!

        • Ayman

          February 9, 2018 at 5:26 PM

          1.Al Ahly are not lower than any team in Europe. They have a lot of players who have the qualities to play in Europe’s top five like Hegazi and Ramadan Sobhi and what do you mean they are not even the best team in Africa, they won the CL eight times, more than any other team, and reached the CL final last season.

          2.Many African players choose Al Ahly over European teams like Walid Azaro, Phaka, and Maaloul so educate yourself, please.

          3.Assyut petroleum are in the second division for over than five years and the Egyptian Premier League is ranked second best in Africa, so educate yourself, please.

          4.Al Ahly have exported a lot more players to top leagues recently like Ahmed Hegazi, Ramadan Sobhi, Trezeguet, Malick Evouna, Rami Rabia to Sporting Lisbon, Geddo and Fathi to Hull City.

          5. Al Ahly match European teams in terms of finances, skills and talent development, you just don’t watch them or you just hater, which would explain a lot.

  2. Mark A

    February 12, 2018 at 1:18 PM

    I am not against Al ahly or Zamalek in particular. They are both just as bad.
    African club football is simply not a good level of football. I mean….there is an actual competition for players playing African club football because it is seen as a disadvantage!!!!!!

    And my point about not best team in Africa, is that they DID lose the final so officially NOT the best team in Africa.

    You made a point about exporting to top leagues but the guy who had offers from an actual top league and rejected it!!!! You literally mentioned trezeguet as an example and Mohsen got an offer from the same league as Trezeguet’s Anderlecht.

    I picked assyut as an example but by all means replace them with Tanta and you get the same thing. Mohsen was apparently scouted by ghent so if he wants to test his skills against Tanta rather than Anderlecht then he is a moron who lacks ambition.

    You are right I don’t watch Ahly or the Egyptian league. I am sure the level is good but it will never be as good as European football, not in this decade at least. Maybe they will someday but the 2nd best league in Africa is not an impressive statistic particularly.

    End of the day, if Egypt wants to emulate the achievements of other African teams and not wait for 28 years before our next world cup, we should export players to Europe early in their career and none of this Ahly and Zamalek nonesense. That is what the great players like Essien, Drogba and Salah did. Even Sobhi that you mentioned went to Europe at a young age. But rejecting Europe and staying in Egypt, I am certain will be a massive mistake which he will regret after it is too late.

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