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Michael Owen: Salah is mind-blowing

Mohamed Salah

Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

legend spoke about the unexpected quality of the Pharaoh signing and how his form has added an extra dimension to the Reds. 

The Golden Boot winner believes the consistency of Salah has given Liverpool more than what they have paid for.

“No one can claim to have expected to see what we are seeing at the moment,” said the former striker.

“If he had scored ten to 12 by now then everybody would say what a great signing as an attacking wide man. To contribute double figures would be amazing, and a few assists as well, and it is a fantastic first season.

“What we are seeing has just blown everyone away. There is no fluke about it, he consistently makes great runs and scores great goals, both individual and team goals. You don’t pay that much money without thinking he is top class, but he has given us an extra dimension.”

Owen finds Salah trickily effective on both wide runs and when he cuts inside the box to inflect damage.

“It is astounding really. When you look at the great players over the years, and even the great players in the Premier League at the moment, to see a wide man in effect scoring and contributing like him is mind-blowing.

“If you are a centre forward it can be quite tricky because the centre half is under no illusions what his job is and that is to stop you. You are invariably in the middle of the pitch and so you are always in sight. Salah has a great chance of coming in undetected from wide positions.”

“Opponents think he is out of harm’s way when he is wide, but he makes great runs across the line. If you have great timing and pace, then it is a lethal combination. Teams are looking at how to stop him — whether you can stop him is another matter,” he added.

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