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INTERVIEW: The story of record breaker Magy Magdy

Photo: Fatma Yaseer

In the ’s Rising Stars series, KingFut interviews players who have impressed in the early stages of their careers. Our next star is Maadi Sports and Yacht striker, .

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Everyday we hear about players who score hat-tricks and super hat-tricks, but history was made on the first matchday of the Egyptian Women’s Premier League this season when Magy Magdy scored 15 goals in the 18-0 thrashing of El Tanmia Sport. Not only did she set what many believe is a world-wide record of the most goals scored by one player in both men’s and women’s football, but the heavy result also led El Tanmia Sport to withdraw from the competition.

In the Egyptian Women’s Premier League this season, there are 11 teams after El Tanmia withdrew. The bottom team gets relegated at the end of the season with one team coming from up the second division play-offs between the top teams in the Cairo and Beheira groups. Wadi Degla have been the dominant team since the beginning of the women’s league, but currently they sit in second place behind El Tayaran Club.

Magy Magdy is a 19-year-old forward who hails from Minya and plays for Maadi Sports and Yacht club in the Women’s Premier League. Maadi Sports and Yacht currently sit in sixth place with 10 points from nine games. Magdy has also joined the women’s national team in recent camps. She tells KingFut about her beginnings, her 15-goal game, and her hopes for the future.

Sina Isaac: How did you first get into football and start playing it?

Magy Magdy: I started my journey playing in the streets with my male friends. We were always playing together.

SI: You had a wonderful start to the season, breaking what many believe is a worldwide record for both women’s and men’s football when you scored 15 goals in the 18-0 thrashing of El Tanmia Sport. The result was also the reason El Tanmia Sport withdrew from the league. How did it feel to break the records and to have such a great start to the season?

MM: I was very happy that I was able to achieve such a number. In Egypt or abroad, no one has scored this number and that is something that gave me confidence in myself so I could continue the season with the same approach. It also gave me confidence to try my best to be the top scorer of the team and god willing, top scorer of the league.

SI: How have you managed to balance playing professionally for Maadi Sports and Yacht and your studies?

MM: It is a little difficult especially if the studies aren’t in the same city that the football is in. But I try to balance both. Thank god I have been able to balance between the days for studies and days for football.

SI: What are your goals with Maadi Sports and Yacht and Egypt national team in the coming period?

MM: My goals are to be the top scorer in the league and to move abroad through the team. With the national team, I aim to join in the next chance and to play games.

SI: How do your friends and family feel about you playing football?

MM: All of my family loves football and my sister who is eight years older than me played football. All of my sisters support me. All of my friends like football, whether the boys who play or the girls who support.

Photo: Fatma Yaseer

SI: Who have been your biggest supporters, other than your friends and family, in your journey?

MM: My biggest supporters after my family and friends have been the team and captain Mostafa Mounir.

SI: Who would you say is your biggest role model both on and off the field?

MM: Zlatan Ibrahimović and off the field my father.

SI: As a young woman playing the sport, what would you say is the biggest challenge that you all face?

MM: I was facing a hard time because I’m from Minya so the idea of me going to a club was close to impossible because of the traveling and I was young. This was the reason I didn’t enter a club at a young age. There are people who say “you’re a girl, you can’t play football,” and that used to affect me when I was younger, but now I don’t think it can stand in my way of reaching my dream.

SI: Do you feel like there is a lack of coverage of the women’s league, cup, and national teams in Egypt? If so, how do you think media can do better?

MM: Of course it’s frustrating for every female player the idea that there is no attention given towards us even though the resources are available. We have many famous sports programs and channels, but not one of the famous channels or media personnel took a step. The media should begin to focus on the female players so we can prove to everyone that we have women’s football.

SI: What other problems do you all face as players?

MM: Financially, the boys have contracts with large amounts of money. For the girls, there are some who get very little and even some clubs don’t give anything. Our rights are diminished.

SI: Is there a team you would like to move to in the future?

MM: I would love to play for FC Barcelona when I move abroad.

SI: What is your advice for young girls who want to play professionally?

MM: I advise them to believe in their talents and to work on themselves and to not be scared about anything. Don’t listen to what others may say. Play football in a professional manner and god will let them succeed.

KingFut would like to thank Magy for her time and wish her continued success in her career.

In addition to being a football/soccer and basketball enthusiast, I am currently pursuing a combined BS/MD degree at VCU. I also currently work as a Pharmacy Technician in my spare time.

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