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Klopp: Salah is not distracted by Golden Boot

(Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images,)

Manager spoke to the press following his team’s impressive win against Bournemouth, and he stated that star winger is not distracted by his chase of the Golden Boot award.

When asked how many goals Salah can end with, Klopp exclaimed, “Ask him! He was very often in good situations and in the end he scored one goal. It’s all about him and all about us, how we finish the season. It’s completely normal that a boy in that situation wants to be top of the scoring list, the Golden Boot. We will not be in his way. But we cannot force it; so, pass, shoot, pass, shoot, that’s the normal thing to do. It’s good and impressive – what a number, wow!”

After being asked about Salah reaching the 40-goal mark, Klopp said, “Yes, it’s extraordinary. He knows that the kind of [football] we play suits him. You saw the boys looking for him, searching for him a little bit too much. It was like ‘give him the ball’, so we had to mix it up. He is the threat, but it’s all good – that’s for analysis. You show it and the boys listen, they see that but in the game it is difficult to change. It is a win-win situation – the boys for him and him for the boys. It’s fantastic. He didn’t look like he doesn’t want to score for the next few games! It’s all good”.

Lastly, when Klopp was asked if the Golden Boot was becoming a distraction for Salah, he answered: “It’s important for the boys and you need to make that – you cannot put Easter and Christmas on the same day! We need his greed, we need him to want to score. Weeks ago, I said to Mo after a game, ‘that’s a situation where you have to pass’ and sometimes it’s so obvious that he knows it of course. It’s a normal job to do. He is not distracted or whatever about the Golden Boot; he wants to have it like he wants us to be successful. If he gets the Golden Boot it’s pretty likely that we are successful, so no problem with that. The boys are fine with it, all good. As a striker, you need to make decisions and if you score everybody loves that, if you don’t score then people start discussing. It’s all fine”.

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