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Salah wants to be the best goal scorer in Liverpool’s history

Photo: Jan Kruger/Getty Images

As the season is wrapping up, reflected on ’s journey this season and how he hopes he would end his first campaign with the club.

With 40 goals this season Salah is writing history for the Reds as he became only the third player to reach that milestone.

Now the Pharaoh is eyeing Ian Rush’s historical record for the club and is hoping he could break it to become the best in the club’s history.

Asked about the opportunity to make history, Salah told Premier League Productions: “There’s a big chance to break the record, to be number one for a club like Liverpool, it’s something huge.

“I will be very happy if I break it. I’m happy about 40, I want to keep scoring, I want to be number one for the record.

“It’s always good when you see your name with legends of a club like Liverpool, it’s a different feeling and I’m very happy about that.

“But I always try to look at myself and I want more. I have 40 now, I’m telling myself, ‘Why not? You can be number one!’

“I will try my best to break the record but, as I’ve said before, we play as 11 players, I play for the team.

“It’s not about individual awards, it’s something for the team. I’m sure if I have a chance to give it to someone else to score, I will – it’s not about me, it’s about us.”

Manchester City have claimed the English Premier League title last weekend, yet Salah believes Liverpool should stay focused as they have to finish second after the Champions.

“I have to carry on, [there are] still some games to go and we have to finish second, we keep fighting for that and I hope we reach [it],” he added.

“For me, it’s better to finish second. I know the first four places play Champions League next year but it’s always better to finish second than third or fourth.

“If you look back on the history, you have to finish first, you have to win the Premier League.

“But it’s always better to be [in a higher position] – first, second, third. If you didn’t win it, second is [best].”

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