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Carragher believes a Champions League win would make Salah a legend

Jamie Carragher Mohamed Salah

Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

finds it extraordinary that Liverpool are competing for the Champions League with their current budget and he believes will be a club legend if the won the competition.

According his interview with the former Liverpool defender is proud of his team and their achievements in Europe this season and is more importantly happy they have a coach like Jurgen Klopp.

“It’d move the manager towards legendary status, and a few of the players too,” Carragher says. “Rightly so, too.

“It’d be great for the club, and for the fans more than anything. It’s not been the best decade for us really, but special clubs always come back. They always do something you don’t expect. This is a special club and there is something about the Champions League that brings that out.

“To think we could have an opportunity to win a sixth European Cup, it’s unbelievable really. We’re not Real Madrid or Barcelona. We can’t buy the biggest players and we don’t have the most money. We’ve not even been the biggest in the Premier League over the past 10 or 20 years. We’ve had to be clever and build teams without household names.

“So to think of a city in the north west of England with…what’s the population of Liverpool? Half a million? Less? So to have six European Cups wouldn’t be bad, eh?”

“I can see it being a tough game,” Carragher says. “But what you’ve got to remember is, Liverpool haven’t lost in the Champions League all season, and they don’t lose many games full stop. People say we’re a bit soft or we concede goals or whatever, but we don’t get beat often – and we have to lose this one by three if we’re to go out.

“And, well, you’ve got to fancy Liverpool to score, haven’t you?”

Carragher continued the interview speaking about the team’s top goal scorer with 43 goals in all competitions, the Egyptian king Salah.

“It’s unbelievable,” Carragher says. “There are so many new stats coming out about him, every single week. He’s breaking records from the 1930s and the 1940s!

“The great thing about it is he does it every week. You can have players who score hat-tricks or four in a game, then they don’t score for five games. He scores virtually every game!

“People are comparing him to Suarez when he was here, who would you rather have and all that. But what Salah has over Suarez, for Liverpool, is the big games he’s scored in.

“Suarez is probably a better player all round, but for a one-off season there can’t be many who have had a season like this in the history of the club.”

“When we had Suarez and Torres, we thought they were as good as anyone around,” he admits. “But when they eventually left the club, they only left with ‘he was a great player’. They didn’t actually take the team to something.

“Salah could take the team to a European Cup, and if he does that he’s a Liverpool legend. When you win a big trophy, everyone is a hero. But there are always a couple of players who you know have dragged you to it. Salah would be a legend inside one season, and right up there with some of the greats in the club’s history.”

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