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Egyptian FA: Salah’s lawyer doesn’t understand the value of Egypt

’s executive director Tharwat Sweilam criticised the behavior of Ramy Abbas, ’s Agent/Lawyer, and stated that he doesn’t appreciate Egypt enough.

Sweilam’s words came after resolving a major problem between Salah and the Egyptian FA regarding the image rights of the Liverpool player.

After the intervention of the Minister of Youth and Sports Khaled Abdel-Aziz and the president of the Egyptian FA, Hany Abou-Rida, the Association said in an official statement that it will meet all the demands of Salah to solve the issue, and not to cause any problems for the player.

“The FA was the weakest party in the Salah crisis. We were most concerned about the player’s interests, and we did not make any mistake regarding the issue,” said Sweilem.

He added, “the position of the FA was sound. We didn’t make any mistakes regarding the advertising issue, but once we felt there was resentment and discomfort for Salah, it was over.”

“Hany Abou-Rida was co-operating with Khalid Abdel-Aziz to contain the issue, there can never be any disagreement or issues with Salah because he’s our player,” Sweilem said. “Everyone was attacking the FA because Salah is the icon of the Egyptian and Arab football at the moment, but we were keen on him as we want him to be well focused before his decisive matches.”

The Egyptian FA’s executive director has, however, criticised Salah’s agent. “The agent of Mohamed Salah is a lawyer who does not understand the value of Egypt, and his relationship with Salah is based on money only, today he’s with him and tomorrow he’s going to be with another player, his agent does not know the value of Salah like we do.”

He concluded his words by saying that the FA were not concerned with any other matter related to Salah’s agent or what he said, all they cared about is Salah and his position.

Reporter at KingFut and a Broadcast Journalism senior at Misr International University.

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