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Egypt the fifth oldest squad going to World Cup in Russia

Egypt national team

Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images

The Egyptian squad going to Russia this month for the World Cup is the fifth oldest squad between the 32 participating teams.

Egypt, who will be participating the in the World Cup for the first time in 28 years, will be holding a squad with an average of 28.4 years, according to Mirror.

Africa’s other representatives have younger squads as Morocco and Senegal have average ages of 26.9 and 26.7, respectively, while Tunisia’s average age stands at 26.

Costa Rica hold the oldest squad in the competition with an average of 29.1 years, while African side Nigeria are the youngest in the tournament with an average of 25.4 years.

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Meanwhile, the Pharaohs’ World Cup opponents Russia and Saudi Arabia have average ages of 28.3 and 28.1, respectively, while Uruguay’s average is 27.7 years.

Egypt will have their first fixture against Uruguay on June 15 and will face hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia in the other two games in the group stage on June 19 and June 25, respectively.

The average age range in the World Cup came as follows:

Costa Rica – 29.1 years

Mexico – 28.9 years

Panama – 28.8 years

Argentina – 28.7 years

Egypt – 28.4 years

Russia – 28.3 years

Japan – 28.2 years

Saudi Arabia – 28.1 years

Iceland – 28.1 years

Spain – 28 years

Brazil – 28 years

Portugal – 27.9 years

Poland – 27.9 years

Sweden – 27.7 years

Uruguay – 27.7 years

Colombia – 27.7 years

Australia – 27.6 years

Croatia – 27.4 years

South Korea – 27.3 years

Belgium – 27.1 years

Peru – 26.9 years

Morocco – 26.9 years

Senegal – 26.7 years

Germany – 26.7 years

Iran – 26.7 years

Switzerland – 26.6 years

Denmark – 26.6 years

Serbia – 26.3 years

Tunisia – 26 years

France – 25.6 years

England – 25.6 years

Nigeria – 25.4 years

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