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Nile Crocodile revealed as Egypt mascot at 2018 World Cup

The Nile Crocodile has been announced on Saturday as the Egyptian national team’s official mascot at the in Russia.

The mascot was inspired by the Nile crocodile – the second largest crocodile in the world. The green crocodile wears the red and white Egyptian national team jersey and dons a black and gold pharaoh headdress.

It is expected to make an appearance during the national team’s final training session prior to their departure to Russia. The Pharaohs’ squad will hold an open training session at the Cairo International Stadium on Saturday night, before heading on Sunday morning to Grozny, Egypt’s base for the World Cup.

Egypt, who will be making their first World Cup appearance in 28 years, will kick off their World Cup group stage campaign against Uruguay at the Ekaterinburg Arena on June 15. They will play against hosts Russia at the Saint Petersburg Stadium four days later and will face Saudi Arabia in their final group game at the Volgograd Arena on June 25.

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  1. Neil Sutherland

    June 10, 2018 at 6:08 PM

    I have just written five scripts in five months, featuring a new super-hero, ‘Sobek’/crocodile man, who is a combination of an Egyptian boy/man and a Nile Crocodile, descended from Sobek of ancient Egypt, and Sarco from Egypt 100 million years ago (the largest croc ever, and the largest predator ever). ‘Sameh/Sam’ and the crocodile are connected by telepathy and avatar technology. The scripts are available for download at Amazon Studios and Scriptrevolution.

  2. Mahmoud

    June 10, 2018 at 9:15 PM

    They used Sudan nation team nick name

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