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OFFICIAL: Egypt Women’s National team becomes unranked

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The Egyptian women’s national team has become unranked for the first time since the inception of the ranking system in the June FIFA rankings.

As KingFut reported in March, the Women’s National Team has officially become unranked after not having played a game in more than 18 months. The team’s last game came at the 2016 African Cup of Nations on November 25, 2016 against South Africa. Since then, the team has not played a single friendly nor did they participate in the qualifications for the 2018 Women’s African Cup of Nations.

Not only did this become the first time ever that Egypt have become unranked, the team was also the worst mover in the June rankings, moving 63 places from 78 to 141 (the ranking given to all nations that are unranked this month). Egypt was one of just two nations to become unranked in June with the other being AFC member Guam.

Elsewhere, the top three spots in Africa remained unchanged with Nigeria holding the 38th spot, Ghana 46th, and Cameroon 48. On the contrary to Egypt, there were four CAF nations to re-enter the rankings after participating in the AWCON qualifications this year.

As the men’s national team prepares for their final World Cup match against Saudi Arabia on Monday, questions remain on the state of women’s football in the country. There has yet to be concrete information given to the second division teams who are playing for a spot in the Women’s Premier League on when and how promotion will happen. This unclearness coupled with ongoing financial issues put the sport in jeopardy.

Despite becoming unranked, there will be five players representing Egypt at the Special Olympics first ever Unified Cup in Chicago, Illinois, USA late July. The event is being held for the 50th anniversary of the first Special Olympics in 1968.

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