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Nancy Tamam and Ali Zahran win medals at Mediterranean Games

Egyptian gymnasts Nancy Tamam and Ali Zahran won gold and bronze medals respectively in their gymnastics events on Tuesday at the .

Nancy Tamam won the gold medal in women’s vault on Tuesday. On her first try the judges gave her a difficulty rating of 5.400 and an execution of 9.066. She did not receive a penalty and was given a total score of 14.466. On her second try, her scores were a little bit lower with a difficulty rating of 4.600, and execution rating of 8.833. The 23-year-old was given a penalty of -0.100 and thus a total score of 13.333. Tamam’s total average score was 13.899, 0.166 higher then second place Slovenian Tjasa Kysselef. In the 2018 World/Challenge Cup, she finished in eighth place with a score of 12.667.

Ali Zahran competed in the men’s rings and won the bronze medal after finishing in third place. He received a difficulty score of 6.200 and an execution score of 8.533, giving him a total score of 14.733. The 28-year-old competed in the 2018 World/Challenge Cup this year and also finished in third place with a score of 14.400.

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