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TABLE TENNIS: Omar Assar banned from representing Egypt for one year

Photo Via: Facebook page Egyptian Sports Network

The Egyptian table tennis federation have announced that they banned from representing Egypt in any international event for one year.

Egyptian table tennis federation president Mootaz Ashour announced that the ban came after Assar reportedly “tarnished” Egypt’s image during the Mediterranean games after he lost his temper during a game.

“Omar Assar is a great player and he plays in Dusseldorf in the biggest club in Germany, his problem is controlling his temper, I am asking him to learn to control his anger and to safeguard Egypt’s image,” Ashour said.

The 26-year-old is currently ranked No.16 on the world ranking. He won his first two in the Mediterranean games and could’ve competed for the gold medal but because of the ban he was unable to compete in the rest of the tounament.

Assar published a video on Facebook confirming that he didn’t in anyway tarnish Egypt’s image and if he had actually lost his temper during the game he would have been booked by the referee, which wasn’t the case as in table tennis a player is not allowed to raise their voice.

On another note Egypt’s Dina Meshref won the gold medal in the Women’s single event after beating Monaco’s Yang Xiaxoxin 4-1 in the final.

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