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Nogoom El Mostakbal changes name and logo after promotion to Egyptian Premier League

New Logo for

After their promotion to the Egyptian Premier League for the first time in history, Nogoom El Mostakbal changed team logo and name to Nogoom FC.

The club board has decided to change the team’s name and logo to cope up with the new phase of their first season of the .

The club issued a statement to explain the reason behind the changes. “The dream started 12 years ago, with the simplest resources; however, with great ambitions, the club was aiming to show the true values of the Egyptian players to help them reach their upmost potentials.”

“Today, and after 12 years, the dream is still going on, but with higher potentials and greater vision. This is a historical day for the club with a new face, shirt, logo and identity.”

“Today is the first day for Nogoom FC, with a logo that highlights the club’s philosophy that has not and will not change. Today we start our new journey at the Egyptian Premier League, with the same aim, to make new stars.

Nogoom FC new shirt

Nogoom FC secured promotion to the Egyptian Premier League along with Haras El-Hedood and El Gouna FC, for the first time in their history after finishing top of the Cairo group.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ahmed

    July 30, 2018 at 6:35 PM

    I like that. Regardless of personal preferences in terms of colors and the logo itself, I think the shirt and the logo give a very professional impression. This is something that a lot of Egyptian clubs lack. Half of the clubs logos are very primal and borderline unmarketable because they look like a 12 yo drew them or something. If this league wants to become marketable then clubs need to offer a marketable product starting by the way they look. No shame in keeping all the elements and colors of your current logo and incorporate them in a better and more modern way with a new crest/logo. Mind you, Nogoom El Mostakbal logo’s wasn’t even bad to start with, but horrors like the Arab Contractors logo just give you the impression of still being stuck in the 70s or something. Modernize like the rest of the world does. Look at Ahly’s logo per example. The modernized it along the way and I think the current one looks better than the last one and the next will probably look better.

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