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Al Hilal cancel the Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup game

Photo: Saudi Professional League

Saudi Arabia’s have officially cancelled the Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup game against Al Ahly according to an official statement.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation had previously announced that a Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup will be taking place through its general secretary Loay Al Sebeiy.

However, Al Hilal have issued a statement confirming that the Riyadh giants will not be able to feature due to both parties not finding a suitable time.

“Al Hilal’s board of directors have decided to cancel the Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup game between the Saudi league’s champion and the Egyptian league champions due to lack of confirmation on the date of the match, which was the 8th of November,” the club’s statement read.

“The football federations of both countries agreed on this date and Al Hilal have given their official approval on this date as soon as it was announced.

“The club’s management would also like to confirm their great pride in friendly tournaments between Saudi and Egyptian teams but in the mean time we reject any delay in the game’s date that could cause any confusion in the team’s preparation for the next competitions.

“The club only deals in a professional manner and according to a clear administrative method,” the statement concluded.

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