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Egyptian FA release statement regarding Mohamed Salah

Egyptian Football Association have released an official statement to clarify the points they reached after their meeting today regarding issue.

EFA started their statement by showing that they care about Salah’s well-being as well as all his other teammates in the national team. They also highlighted that all players are treated equally and no one will receive special treatment.

The first point they tackled is that they don’t accept the way of communication between the president of EFA and the player or his agent. They don’t meet the minimum standards of communication.

Second point, EFA will not allow any other third party to interfere between them and the players. They also don’t want this third party to make the tensions rise between the players and distract them.

Third point, EFA doesn’t accept the requests of Salah and his agent as they are not logical. They communicate that they treat all players equally and that they try to create a heathy and stable relationship between all players and the EFA. They also say that any requests from players aren’t taken lightly and are considered by the EFA.

Last, EFA have decided to not give an answer to the player’s requirements in the time being. They also threaten Salah’s agent Ramy that if he continues dealing with them in the same way he does now they will take legal action against him with all due respect to Salah.

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