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Al Faisaly: Saleh Gomaa’s behaviors are behind his elimination from the squad

After the elimination of from Al Faisaly’s squad, the club’s football director Mosaed Al-Mowes discussed the reasons which led to this decision.

Saleh Gomaa moved to Saudi Arabia in 2018 to join Al Faisaly on loan on a one-and-a-half year deal and made 11 appearances with the club in the Saudi Professional League and the King’s Cup making four assists.

“We’re not convinced by the Egyptian player Saleh Gomaa and his misbehaviors and repeated violations led us to start negotiating with Fahad Al Ansari,” Mosaed Al-Mowes said in comments published by Al Riyadh newspaper.

Al Faisaly successfully signed Kuwaiti midfielder Fahad Al Ansari in the last hours of the summer window after the club’s manager, Mircea Rednic, insisted on signing the player, according to Al-Mowes.

“In addition to his constant travels to Egypt without taking permissions, this all pushed the head coach to take him out of his squad,” the football director added.

As for the player’s future with Al Faisaly, Al-Mowes said: “Saleh Gomaa is still part of the team until the end of this season according to his contract and will continue training with the team despite being excluded from the official squad, but a new decision will be made during the winter transfer window.”

Back when he played for Al Ahly, Gomaa was also accused of misbehaving on different occasions and the club fined him multiple times, which of course also affected his participation rate with the Red Castle.

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