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Sherif Ekramy: No winners in Salah’s conflict with Egypt FA

Sherif Ekramy Egypt FA

Egypt international expressed his views regarding the recent row between national team star and the Egyptian Football Association ‘EFA’.

Recently,  had an issue with Liverpool star  after the winger issued a statement attacking officials for their unprofessionalism during the national team’s camp during the 2018 World Cup.

The EFA then released an official statement to attack Salah and his agent for the tone they used in their communication with the EFA board members.

“All what Salah talked about regarding training camp details in Egypt that included violations of his privacy in a way that never happened before is true, Mohamed Salah never asked to be treated differently or to be considered as part of a different team,” Sherif Ekramy said in a series of tweets on his official account.

“The national team’s administration tried hard establishing regulatory controls to maintain the camp system and to protect the privacy of the players and help them get good rest.

“But things needed more controls and regulations when it came to Salah, as the love of his fans who waited for him and kept rushing in and out of the camp prevented the implementation of any possible regulatory controls,” he added.

Al Ahly goalie said that Salah’s demands about traveling and accommodation are requests all players wished to see similar to what happens with big national teams, but he thinks that the available capabilities and the vision of the administration decides what’s possible for the team.

“It is useless to talk about administrative details that could be resolved in less complicated ways,” he explained. “Because in my opinion, Salah’s dispute with Egypt FA is bigger than a conflict about administrative issues or exploiting rights or demands that were not responded to.”

Ekramy thinks that the conflict is based on the fact that there is disbelief in individuals or the system of work.

“In the end, there are no winners in this conflict because taking these kinds of clashes from behind the scenes to the media will lead to the loss of all parties and the biggest loss will be for the national team,” the goalkeeper concluded.

In addition to being a hardcore football fan, Abdelrahman is a communications enthusiast who works in marketing, advertising, content creation and PR.

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