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EFA provide update on Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup

EFA provide update on Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup

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The Egyptian FA announced that Zamalek will only face Al-Hilal in the , with one of Al Ahly, Ismaily, or Al Masry playing the Ittihad Jeddah game.

The Saudi FA have announced before that Zamalek will play both games after Al Ahly’s withdrawal, which angered the boards of Ismaily and Al Masry, especially that both clubs have finished higher than the Whites in the league last season.

The EFA have released a statement on Thursday, which emphasized on the strong relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia and revealed how will play against Ittihad Jeddah.

“Thanks to the brotherly relationship between both the Egyptian FA and the Saudi FA, the EFA officially regards the game between Zamalek and which will take place on October 6 in honor of his excellency president AbdelFatah El Sisi as the Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup between the Egypt Cup winner and the Saudi league champion,” the EFA stated in their announcement.

“Especially that it will take place at the same time as a dear and great memory which is the celebration of the great October victory, the most remarkable victory in recent Arab history.

“As for the second Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup between the Egyptian league champion (or whichever deserving team depending on last season’s ranking) and Saudi Cup winners .

“The EFA would like to emphasize on his keenness to constantly cooperate with all Arab FAs to make sure we’re always close with our brothers, and also to always protect the rights of all teams who represent Egyptian football in these competitions.

“This is also to make sure that the great relationships between both the Egyptian and Saudi people on all levels stay strong which this is thanks to both countries’ governments which both FAs are trying to imitate as well as all Egyptian and Saudi teams,” they concluded.

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