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Former Everton player claims Salah playing better than Pogba

Andy Gray

Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

Former Everton and Scotland international footballer Andy Gray has criticised World Cup Champion for his poor outings for Man United this season.

Andy Gray was critical of the 25-year-old’s inability to ‘influence games’ as much as other star players in competitive clubs like Eden Hazard and .

Paul Pogba

Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Speaking to beIN sports, Gray said: “He is regarded one of the best footballers around so he has to influence games, he has to do it consistently. A little bit like how Eden Hazard has done it this season for Chelsea game in game out, now I don’t think he’s doing that for and I don’t think that apart from maybe a little spell at the beginning of last season for a spell of 6 or 7 games, that apart, Paul would have to admit if he was honest he’s been nowhere near consistent enough for .”

Gray then went on to claim that despite Salah not scoring as much as people would’ve imagined at the start of the season, he still has more power to influence a game than Pogba.

“Is it fair to call him one of the best footballers in the world? No you can’t. You can’t call him that because he quite simply isn’t. I can think of probably four or five players playing for Manchester City that are playing better than Paul Pogba right now. Eden Hazard at Chelsea is playing better. Mo Salah although he’s not had a great start goals-wise, he’s playing much better than Pogba, he’s influencing football matches,” the former Aston Villa player concluded.

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